An Introduction Into Translation Theories (NXB Đại Học Quốc Gia 2012) - Lưu Trọng Tuấn, 293 Trang

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    “Translation exists because men speak different languages” (George Steiner). Translation brings people of different languages together, increasing knowledge sharing in the knowledge world. Thus, the journey to find a more operational definition of translation, more effective translation methods, as well as a more effective translation quality assessment model is still ongoing. This book, “An introduction into translation theories”, is an expedition through translation theories. Chapter 1 of the book revisits diverse views on the nature of translation as well as how the translational act cognitively proceeds. Different translation theories which have cotributed to the growth of translatin discipline are depicted in Chapter 2. Diverse translation strategies and methods. Chapter 3 provides readers a landscape of diverse translation strategies and methods which are contingent on the choice of translation unit. That different cdegrees of equivalence are produced depending on the choice of translation unit is highlighted in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 presents approaches to assessment of an accomplished translation and arrivers at Juliane House’s translation quality assessment model. The target audience for this book is undergraduates and graduates as well as teachers and researchers on language, applied linguistics, translation and communication studies.
    • An Introduction Into Translation Theories
    • NXB Đại Học Quốc Gia 2012
    • Lưu Trọng Tuấn
    • 293 Trang
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