Methods in Enzymology Vol.178 Antibodies, Antigens, and Molecular Mimicry

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    The procedures described in this chapter have enabled us to identify and characterize monoclonal antibodies and their respective anti-idio-types. We have developed several different types of immunoassays which afford greater flexibility to the investigator, depending on the type of antibodies desired and the availability of labeled antigens. Use of the intrasplenic injection technique for the final booster immunization prior to the fusion protocol has enabled us to achieve more consistent results than the usual intravenous or intraperitoneal injection routes. Isoelectric focusing of tissue culture supernatant from monoclonal antibody-secreting clones can easily identify possible duplicate clones, and thereby reduces the amount of labor required for extensive characterization of a large number of clones. We have found that these techniques have enabled us to identify “sister clones” or redundancies in our collection of antiligand and anti-idiotype antibodies rapidly and accurately. These various techniques have allowed us to save much time, labor, and money in the search for specific antibodies with desired characteristics.
    • Series: Methods in Enzymology (Book 178)
    • Hardcover: 835 pages
    • Publisher: Academic Press;
    • Language: English
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