Methods in Enzymology Vol.52 Biomembranes, Part C - Biological Oxidations

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    This chapter gives an overview of the molecular oxygen in biological oxidations. The chapter surveys the properties of the oxidases in an attempt to generalize on the mechanisms of oxygen use by living organisms. To do this, a complete catalog of 220 oxidases was assembled. The oxidases are classified according to their prosthetic groups, and within prosthetic group classes according to reaction types and biological occurrence. The reaction types in which molecular oxygen participates are a consequence of the amount of electronic charge that oxidases and their substrates present to molecular oxygen. The chapter also discusses some general questions, such as (1) What prosthetic group structures account for the biological reactions of molecular oxygen?, (2) How many different kinds of reaction of molecular oxygen are enzyme catalyzed, and are there any common properties among them?, (3) Are there any relationships between active site types and reaction types?, and (4) Do any generalizations regarding mechanism emerge from this survey?
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