Methods in Enzymology Vol.54 Biomembranes, Part E - Biological Oxidations: Specialized Techniques

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    This chapter provides an overview of kinetic measurements in bimolecular reactions. Kinetic methods used for measurements of reactions occurring with half-times of less than 3 or 4 sec are faced with the special problem of initiation of the reaction to be measured. Reagent mixing rates can be improved to give measurements in 10–3 to 10–4 sec but are unsuited for faster reactions. The methods for measuring the faster reaction rates may be called relaxation methods—for example, a system at or near equilibrium is subjected to a rapid displacement from equilibrium (temperature change, light absorption, and pressure change,) and the rate of relaxation back to the equilibrium state is measured. An alternate approach to the study of fast reactions is to lower the sample temperature and, depending on the activation energy or energies, slowing the reaction to where the available methods are applicable.
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