Methods in Enzymology Vol.55 Biomembranes, Part F - Bioenergetics: Oxidative Phosphorylation

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    Majority of current research on mitochondria has been performed on mitochondria obtained from rat liver, rat heart, or ox heart because these mitochondria can be obtained readily and in quantity. After the development of conventional techniques for mitochondrial isolation, preparations were made from different tissues, but few attracted permanent interest and, as mitochondriology evolved, the liver mitochondrion was adopted as the typical mitochondrion. The accrued knowledge is used for the further study of mitochondria from other sources with varied functions and for studies of mitochondria in different stages of differentiation and in different pathological conditions. Numerous controversial results from different laboratories are explained in the light of physiological data. The chapter provides an overview on some mitochondria properties. It is adapted in different tissues for the function of the particular organ. Thus, the enzyme pattern and properties of mitochondria isolated from different sources reflect the in vivo function of the organ. Mitochondria are involved primarily in oxidative catabolism. Consequently, the majority of reactions are followed by measuring oxygen consumption and complementing this with other analyses. Thus, mitochondrial preparations are most often described and characterized by data obtained from oxygen electrode studies of respiration.
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