Methods in Enzymology Vol.63 Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism, Part A: Initial Rate and Inhibitor

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    The amount of auxiliary enzyme to be added to a assay system utilizing a single coupled reaction can be calculated from V2=−2.303 log (1 − Fp)Kpt based on McClure's3 analysis where V2 is the number of units of E2, Fp is the desired fraction of the steady-state reaction of the primary enzyme to be measured, Kp is the Michaelis constant for P for E2, and t is the desired lag time. Alternatively the method of Storer and Cornish-Bowden8 used Eq. (17) t∗=φKpυ where t∗ is the transient time, Kp is above, and v1 is the highest velocity of the primary enzyme to be measured. A value for φ is calculated at a specified time, and from Table I the ratio υ1V2 is determined for a specified v2v1 ratio.
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