Tiếng Anh 4-Sách Giáo Viên (NXB Giáo Dục 2015) - Hoàng Văn Vân, 304 Trang

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    Tiếng Anh 4, Student’s Book follows a sequence of presentation, practice and production to develop English at a basic level through four themes, twenty topic-based units and four review units. The book is richly illustrated and cross-curricular in format to provide pupils with easy-to-grasp, memorable lessons and an enjoyable experience of learning English.
    • Tiếng Anh 4-Sách Giáo Viên
    • NXB Giáo Dục 2015
    • Hoàng Văn Vân
    • 304 Trang
    • File PDF-True
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