Tiếng Anh 5 Tập 2-Sách Giáo Viên (NXB Giáo Dục 2013) - Hoàng Văn Vân, 137 Trang

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    The whole Tieng Anh 5 - Student’s Book – reflects the carefully sequenced pedagogy of warm-up, presentation, practice, and application to develop English for basic levels and skills through the twenty units and four reviews. The twenty richly illustrated, cross-curricular and theme-based units focus on offering pupils motivation, memorable lessons and a joyful learning experience of English.
    • Tiếng Anh 5 Tập 2-Sách Giáo Viên
    • NXB Giáo Dục 2013
    • Hoàng Văn Vân
    • 137 Trang
    • File PDF-True
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