Việt Nam 2004-2005 (NXB Thế Giới 2005) - Nhiều Tác Giả, 204 Trang

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    Việt Nam 2004-2005
    NXB Thế Giới 2005
    Nhiều Tác Giả
    204 Trang
    Part I: Socio-Economic Development Tasks In 2004and Major Contents Of The Socio-Economicdevelopment Agenda In 2005
    I. Feasibility assessment of socio-economicdevelopment tasks in 2004
    II. Orientation for socio-economicdevelopment in the year 2005
    Achievements And Figures For 2004
    Social And Economic Developmenttargets For 2005
    The National Assemblyof The Socialist Republic Of Việt Nam
    Part II: PM Phan Văn Khải at The National Assembly’s Interpellation
    6th Session, 11th national assemblystriving for the growth rate of 8.5% in 2005
    Minister of planning and investment Võ Hồng Phúc:“Planning is still made with concession.”
    The thing lies in leaders’ vision and heart
    “Asking-giving” mechanism must be abandoned
    Corruption: seven phenomena and five solutions
    What do national assembly deputiessay about wastefulness?
    How is the quality of education?
    About the quality of education
    Let’s face the truth! let’s not dodge the issue!
    A new thinking about education is needed
    What do national assembly deputiessay about the report on education?
    Listening to complaints about injustices
    Part III: Chronology of 2004
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